Jeff Fleetwood: Partner

Jeff has been working in the field of photography and videography for more than 20 years, primarily in broadcast television. He regularly pursued new technologies and was drawn to early VR 360 technology. He generated new advertising opportunities for local business using VR technology online for the local CBS affiliate, Harley Davidson and the Milwaukee Parks. His passion for creating the best possible virtual reality experiences led him to pursue degrees in design, 3D modeling and animation. In 2016 he launched a game development company with two partners called Outer Rim Studios. Their first game was fully funded on Kickstarter within 24 hours and was Greenlit by Steam shortly after release.


Sam Gebhard: Partner

Sam has five years of programming experience, four of those focused on game development. His primary language is C#, but also has experience with Java, Javascript, and Python. Sam is a Unity Certified Developer as of 2018. He has worked on various game projects, including a few VR projects. In 2016 he partnered with two classmates to form the company Outer Rim Studios. Together they successfully kickstarted their first game, had it Greenlit by the Steam community, and exhibited it at a couple conventions. In his free time Sam has worked on small projects for his Raspberry Pi, a tool to test one of the Outer Rim games, and a tool for his friends that live stream to increase interactivity.


Hector Borges: Partner

Hector has 4 years of experience working as a Game Developer. His focus is in programming with his primary languages being C#, C, Java, and Javascript. Hector has experience with the Agile development process as well as in project source control. He has worked on numerous VR, Mobile, PC and Xbox projects. Three years ago, Hector along with two partners created a game development company called Outer Rim Studios. They created their first game as a new studio, Outer Rim. Outer Rim went on to be fully funded on Kickstarter within 24 hours. The game was later Greenlit on steam shortly after release. Hector has also released a mobile game called Dusk specifically for Google Play store.