Hoan Bridge lighting in VR 2019

We are excited to be working with Islands of Brilliance , and lead a project in Virtual Reality. We are working with students to create a VR experience that allows you to view and control lights on the Hoan bridge at night. Islands of Brilliance workshops create a space for students to explore creativity through the use of technology, during which they learn technical skills and grow confidence in critical social and peer-to-peer interactions.

Outer Rim Redux

Outer Rim Redux development is well underway. Our newest version of Outer Rim adds many of the features players have requested. Including a missions map, bosses and new player ships. The new ships will have their own stats for movement, weapons and visuals. We are developing Outer Rim Redux for PC, Nintendo Switch and XBox. We look forward to share more information as we progress in development.

Home: A Good Night Sleep

We created Home in 48 hours for the 2019 International Game Jam.

The 2019 Game Jam theme was “What does home mean to you”

Home: A Good Night Sleep, is an odyssey through nightmares, and our struggle with facing our fears. Survive the gauntlet of nightmares in order to remain sleeping.

Robots... Friend or Foe

Robots… Friend or Foe was created in 48 hours for the 2018 Game Jam.

The 2018 Game Jam theme was transmission.

You play as a neuron, firing signals that transmit to the robot how to react to the obstacles in its path.

Outer Rim: Now available on Steam

Outer Rim is an infinite space shooter filled with fast paced game play, satisfying weapon upgrades, challenging enemies and an epic soundtrack to immerse you in the action. We created Outer Rim’s gameplay to reflect arcade games of the 80s. Get a high enough score to enter your initials on the leaderboard and ultimately beat the game’s high score. It’s a game that anyone can play and winning is defined by your own competitive drive. Whether that’s beating your own personal high score, beating a friends score or adding your initials to the world leaderboard. Whatever your playing style, our goal is to make playing Outer Rim a fulfilling classic space shooter experience.

Interactive Website

We developed an interactive website for Dental Design Studio. Dr. Schmidt started a company selling dental cabinets which he designed, and manufactures. I built the 3D models from provided blueprints and built the system in Unity. The purpose for this interactive website is to allow dentists a way to visualize the cabinets and operatory colors. My goal was to make the user interface intuitive while giving the user a variety of color and texture options to explore.